Personal & team development

Leadership development

Even the best leaders can, and should, continue to grow, and leadership roles can be both demanding and lonely.  We offer a range of professionally led coaching and mentoring services working with individuals and leadership teams to unlock potential and create an aspirational leadership culture.  

We are often asked to deliver in-house programmes on school premises.  Typically, these take one of three forms:

"Developing the senior leadership team"  

Day-long and highly practical programmes for senior leadership teams, -  strengthening strategic direction, ensuring team alignment of and bulding teamwork teamwork, based on each member’s personal strengths. 

"Preparing for leadership workshops"

Informal, day-long group workshops helping and encouraging senior education professionals to think about the challenges of leadership and to take personal ownership of their preparation for leadership roles.

"Career development and professional needs assessements

A one or two-day programme of short, focused, yet informal meetings with individual staff members aimed at helping them consider their personal development plans and at the same time providing insights into school talent planning.

Appraisal support

Recognising the issues faced by boards of governors in exercising their accountability for the performance of their institutions, we offer support for leadership appraisal - emphasising that what follows appraisal is more important than appraisal itself.