Our International Schools associate, Ralph Mainard, has a wide experience of schools overseas linked to a British independent school.  He now advises other independent schools seeking to establish an overseas operation.

Advice can come in different forms:

Are you just thinking about this and what to learn about key issues?

Have you been approached by a potential partner and want advice on what to do next?

Have you met a partner and now need advice and support on how to begin to work with the partner?

Are you committed to the idea but do not want to employ someone to manage the early stages of the scheme and its development?

What type of overseas school and where?

What will be the links between the home school and the overseas one(s)?

We can provide:

Presentations to governors

Working with a governor committee

Support for the key school lead to establish the project

Advice on structures

A range of support options from one-off presentations to retained support